‘Gathering for the Feast’ included in Best Albums of 2013 on UnPaved.com.au & Bandcamp Hunter


“Released on vinyl through fine Melbourne label Hawk Moth Records, songwriter Justin Avery assembled an album of immaculate songs ‘Gathering for the Feast’. Carefully crafted lyrics and Avery’s commanding voice have a captivating effect, creating a gentle undertow that draws you into their wake. The soft sound is deceptive, heavy themes of pained yearning linger beneath. Imagery paints vivid pictures of quiet violence – men torn limb from limb; burning trees; broken masts – and the frequent appearance of animals – dogs, horses, wolves, lambs, birds – is central to the character of the waywardbreed sound. The lean lust of For the Birds followed by the restrained passion of the title track my favourite moments, the latter jarring in its contrast of pristine music and suggestion of cannibalism. Maybe it’s a metaphor. Maybe not. Much to ponder on this album, and so much to savour.” – Bandcamp Hunter (Best Albums of 2013 Country/Folk/Americana)

 “…Gathering for the Feast by waywardbreed aka Justin Avery is testament to the level of dedicated songwriting happening in Melbourne as well as the closeness and collaborative nature of the music community. After spending three years touring Europe, Justin returned to Melbourne assembled a team around him, including Katie Scott (Howl at the Moon), Elizabeth Barker (Gypsy Curse) and violinist Andrew Watson and recruited Simon Grounds (Laura Jean, Kes and Architecture in Helsinki) to mix and master. This is folk music custom made to reach the heart.” – Unpaved 50 Best Albums of 2013

“The new album from Melbourne’s waywardbreed has been much anticipated in these parts, and it has come along at just the right time. The stillness is what has always struck me most about Justin’s music and here it is pristinely evident: hushed songs that swell with a powerful stoicism, illustrated by beautiful imagery and sublime performances from all involved. The work of a true craftsman, “gathering for the feast” is a balm for the darkened soul” – Bandcamp Hunter


Listen here to waywardbreed interview on RRR with Dave The Scot, Friday 03/05/2013… press play at 59:30 to hear us.


“Justin Avery is a Melbourne based artist that records under the name waywardbreed. His 2nd album Gathering For The Feast was recorded after a sojourn playing his particular brand of melancholic folk in venues across Europe. It’s a record that’s personal, revealing and spacious” – Robbie Buck, Inside Sleeve, ABC Radio National.